Anzu - Smart Glasses (Round Blue Light + Sunglass L)

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  • With the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses, protect your eyes whether you’re sitting in front of a computer during the day or out and about. You’ll find two blue light lenses and two polarised sunglasses. In addition, these glasses have a built-in microphone and speakers hidden in the frame.

    The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are comfortable to wear and will quickly become an indispensable part of your daily life.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses L (Round)


  • The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses feature 35% blue light reduction lenses to protect your eyes and reduce eye strain. This means you can keep your vision fresh and stay focused during your entertainment or work hours.

  • That’s not all, with the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses you get two polarised replacement lenses that protect your eyes from direct sunlight with 99% UVA and UVB protection. And with an IPX4 design, the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are resistant to liquid spills and perspiration.


  • The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses feature a low-latency Bluetooth audio connection (60ms) to give you smooth, non-jerky audio when you want to communicate with someone. With an omnidirectional microphonespeakers and touch controls discreetly integrated into the frame, you can manage your calls, change music tracks or activate your smartphone’s voice assistant with ease.

  • And with over 5 hours of battery life, you’re sure to be safe even during long gaming sessions. Plus, when folded and stored, the glasses retain their charge by automatically turning off.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses L (Round)